Whole cloth quilt

 I know I said I wasn't going to make anymore bed-sized quilts, but this is for my daughter, who is always the exception =)  Also, I've been waiting for the Cat Nap fabric by Lizzy House since October.  It was delayed twice I believe and I was finally able to order some in early January!

One side is Lizzy House's Cat Nap 'Cattitude in Cream' and the other side is a flannel pink-peach from JoAnn Fabrics.  We are a cat household =)

The simplicity of a 'whole cloth' quilt is great, I really love the clean look!

I rounded the corners, and I love the softer feel it gives the whole thing =)
Now I can finally retire her Mendocino quilt!


More Scrappy Projects

I've been seeing a lot of infinity scarfs on Flickr lately, tis the season, and last night, while going through more of my scraps, I realized this would be a great project to get rid of the velveteen scraps left from my chair project.

You can find the tutorial from Anna Maria Horner here.  It's a very easy, very quick project.

 Since I was working with what I had on hand, my pieces were only 5.5" wide and as you can see in the above photo, I used several pieces to make up the length I needed.  I also didn't have enough voile to make one side voile, like the tutorial, so I used the velveteen for both sides.  Because the pattern is so busy, when it's twisted, like the first photo, you can't even notice the seams!

I also finished the other two stockings that were needed for my household.

I really love the idea of each person's Christmas stocking matching that person's personality, rather than just being a version of red and green.  This way each one is as unique as the individual!

Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!


A Christmas Stocking

I finally made a new stocking for my daughter, who loves cats and the color pink.

  I often save the applique patches off the clothing she's out grown, if it's something I know she loves.  The above fleece patch is from a winter set of Carter's pj's, from a few years back.

I don't remember what piece of clothing the above cat/bird patch came off of, but I believe it was toddler clothing.  The deeper pink fabric with the small white flowers is also from clothing, a Liberty toddler dress that Target used to sell a few years ago.

I started these as improv wonky log cabin blocks, not really knowing what I was going to do with them.  I have a few more centered around her clothing patches in different color ways.  But the pinkness of these two turned out to be perfect for a special Christmas stocking for her.  Goodness knows we don't need anymore blankets around here, lol.  As you guys know, I've been trying to destash my stash for quite some time, all these lovely prints are from my scrap pile.  With the exception of the pink stars, I found that awhile back on clearance at JoAnns.  I had bought a yard with the intention of making a pillowcase, but never did.  The rest of the pinks I had been saving for something special and this worked out great.

So even though I've basically destashed my entire stash (still have a few things left to list) there is tons of stuff to still make from the bins of scraps that have remained =)


Little Folks Voile Pillows

So I FINALLY made these pillow tops!  The gorgeous fabric is from Anna Maria Horner's line of Little Folks voile.  
I'm trying to decide if these should be double sided pillows, making them 2 pillows, or if I should make the back a solid/print and in turn have 4 throw pillows.  Well, I have a bit of time since the wire on my machine's pedal frayed and sparked, burning a hole in my sock and scaring me, only three rows from finishing these tops, ha!  Since I threw the pedal right into the trash, I have to order another one...it was just a matter of time since the pedal only functioned upside and backwards for the past few years.  Guess I should have taken that as a clue =)  
What would you do, 2 double sided or 4 single sided throw pillows?


1st Grade Art Smock

My daughter starts 1st Grade next week and one of the items on her school supply list was an art smock to leave in class.  I was going to go with the old t-shirt, as suggested, but I saw this idea online and drafted it up, using some Anna Maria Horner oilcloth I had.  

The entire thing is one cut of fabric, no piecing, and because it's oilcloth there was no hemming, just finished with bias tape.  A seriously fast project!

The back connects together with a few inches of elastic.  I love this feature!  So easy for her to get it on and off without help!

I love that it's loose enough that she will be able to wear it over sweaters during the winter months =)


In the bag

While visiting my dad this summer, I convinced him to help me make some purse handles out of wood. A carpenter and fine-wood worker from way back, I've always enjoyed spending time with my dad in his shop. All us kids do; we sort of gravitate to the shop when we visit him - even if nothing is being built.

Indicative of my own "collecting" my dad has been squirreling away exotic woods for about 25 years - woods he wanted to make things out of but just hasn't find the right project. Lucky for me - favorite daughter - he brought out some of the good stuff for me: walnut, cherry and paduck (below, with pine).

I used the walnut handles for this bag, with AMH Field Study linens

I put snaps on the sides, to give it a fun shape while also allowing better opening access. And while I love the wood handles, I do get tired of carrying bags. I have an entire pin board devoted to bags that will more than likely only ever be pinned, never to be bought. So I think that it's important that if I make a bag, I make it fit my life.


Vintage lullaby

My mom made sure we grew up with a sense of thrift. Whether it was driving us to yard sales as kids or having me do the math at the register while the grocery shopping, I was raised to thrift. So, with little surprise, my home has become thrift-centric.

Last week, my mom and I ventured to the World's Longest Yard Sale (you can see what I bought here). Meeting the sellers and seeing so many awesome, old things, I was inspired to come home and revamp my etsy shop and bring more of my old finds into our everyday life.

I suppose this post is about not just repurposing old items (a porcelain table top as a magnetic board; books as art) but using items for their original intention (a sheet as a sheet; a mirror as a mirror).

Porcelain table top: I am a collector of porcelain tables. Broken, intact I don't care. I will get texts at random from family and friends who have found a table and want to know if I want to buy it.  I have 1 in the kitchen, 1 in my office, 1 in the bedroom - as the magnetic board - and 1 in the basement that is awaiting repair. For this table top, we simply hung a busted table's top on the wall and bought some extra-strong magnets. The magnets hold notes, cards and photos of us because what else do you do with that stuff? Hide it away in a box? Nah. I spend way too much time picking out cards to hide to just throw them in a box - or in the trash. Besides, sometimes it's helpful to have a reminder of how much I love my husband when he exasperates me. And vice versa, of course.

Sewing tables as nightstands: So, I sort of screwed up. I found this sewing table (on the left) at a local thrift store - for free. I squeezed it into my tiny car all by myself, got it home, then proceeded to leave it outside for days. In the rain. Where it promptly took on some lovely water damage and a couple of spiders. Stupid. Since only the drawers were ruined - miraculously the body was intact - I found an alternative to drawers: Nancy Drew book storage. The table on the right is an old Singer treadle machine. The perfect height for a nightstand.

Unfinished afghan: I am such a procrastinator. This afghan was supposed to be finished 2 years ago. Alas, I gave up. I've decided I'm too impatient to crochet. So I tied off the end of my, um, shawl?, draped it over the end of the bed, and hey, look at that, it fits perfectly.

Vintage linens: All of these linens were found at yard sales and thrift stores. Like many vintage sheet folk, I find OxiClean to be an excellent washing tool to make old sheets look bright and new. Obviously, the sheets weren't sold as a set, but that didn't stop me from mixing it up: floral & polka dots & graphic floral & blue florals. Yup. I went there.

Books: Over the bed, we've been hanging the book mobiles I am obsessed with making. I'm calling this, um, installation... I Dream in Books. I hate to see books go to waste, especially when they're damaged.

So that's my bedroom. Those are my things. Enjoy and happy thrifting!